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Reasons to Smoke Using Glass Pipes

Why should someone use a glass pipe to smoke? This is usually a common concern among most people. But if you have used a glass pipe before, you certainly understand why smoking using a glass pipe is the real deal. When it comes to pipe smoking, glass enjoys massive popularity over other materials such as wood, ceramic, and metal. Here are some reasons why most smokers prefer glass pipes to other alternatives.

Superior Insulation Properties

One of the main attraction towards glass pipe is the fact that it is not a good conductor heat. It is worth noting that smoking pipes are made from a different type of glass which shows even better insulation properties. These pipes also lose heat fast. This implies that glass pipes are easy to handle, and thus offer a pleasant smoking experience.

Healthy Smoking

Glass, being a poor conductor, is known to offer quality smoking. This ability means that hot products do not produce surplus smoke, unlike wooden pipes, and this makes glass smoking a lot healthier. Also, the fact that more smoke gets accumulated in a chamber means that glass pipes do not have a residual taste typical to other materials.


Glass pipes are durable. Glass has superior heat and impact properties compared to other materials. The fact that glass pipes are molded from a single material explains why glass pipes last long. The quality of “laboratory glass” is also another attraction and these units can be used for a lifetime.

They Add Some Style to Smoking

man smoking with pipeAnother key attraction towards using glass pipes is how they add to the style quotient. As such, they tend to be more appealing especially to art lovers who love flaunting their unique forms and styles. The options can be quite vast, especially when looking for wholesale weed pipes, for instance. This means that users can add some distinctive personality to the user. When one is buying handcrafted glass pipes, for instance, the skill and concentration involved in designing these timeless pieces is impressive.

Besides these attractions, glass pipes offer other functional benefits. Considering that your primary objective of buying a glass pipe is to enjoy smoking, most of these units are designed to provide you with precisely that. They are also easy to clean and maintain, and this makes the smoking ritual pleasurable.…

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Important Facts to Know About Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are used in smoking tobacco or herb. They are perceived to be a superior version of wooden or clay pipes. Glass pipes combine both function and form to create a pleasurable smoking experience. New and complex tobacco varieties greatly favor glass pipes, which explains why most smokers today overwhelmingly prefer glass pipes over other options – they provide a purer smoking experience.

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How Glass Pipes are Produced


Glass pipes are known to be unique. Unlike mass produced pipes, most glass pipes are designed and created by artists. Some designs are hand blown whereas other varieties are made using glass lathes. Glass pipes are often produced from molten glass, and in some cases, the might be cut and polished with a unique wheel. That said, here are some basic glass pipe shapes.

Common Glass Pipe Designs


Chillums, also known as hand pipes are the most basic version of glass pipes. They resemble a small and straightforward glass tube. Some smokers prefer this design for its simplicity. The smoker only needs to pack the smoking material in the end, ignite the tobacco, and smoke. The major drawback of these design is that the absence of a carburetor means smoke is not cleared correctly, and are ideal for small amounts of smoke.


Spoon pipes tend to be somewhat sophisticated than chillums. They possess a carburetor, which allows the user to inhale a little bit more air. The carburetor is a simple hole, which if uncovered, allows the smoke in the pipe to be inhaled rapidly. A carburetor has the effect of making spoons offer fresher smoke than the chillums.


Steamrollers are identified by the presence of glass fittings or bowl on one side of the pipe. Both ends are left open, and a carburetor is located near the end where the bowl is attached. Some designs have some space or chamber between the bowl and the mouthpiece to enhance cooling.

glass pipesGandalf Pipes

Gandalf pipes, also known as Sherlock pipes are characterized by a large bowl with an arching stem. The bottom part of the bowl is often flattened to let the pipe stand on its own. These pipes produce unfiltered smoke, which has a harsh taste.

Glass pipes are highly preferred by smokers who need a pure taste from tobacco considering that glass does not add anything to the smoke. For bulk buying, customers are advised to go for wholesale pipes. Buying in bulk helps you get more for less and at the same time get quantity discounts.…

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