Cheap and Easy Ways of Sprucing up Your Patio


Whenever guests visit your house, what they first notice is the patio, its opening and welcoming nature to guests, is usually an indication of how your receive of welcome your guests. The following way is cheap and easy and will help you spruce up the patio.

Define the seating area


When doing the design of a new patio, the seating area is a concern that you have to consider, the seating area should be well planned, and you have to ensure you introduce exciting and unique things that guests can sit and relax on. They may not extravagant and costly things. Things like old kitchen chairs, stools, barrels, porch swing, rocking chair or benches. Include also tables like patio table or coffee table. A table where guests will sit to enjoy coffee or a drink is a great gesture.

Decide the color scheme

Before starting a patio project, you have to decide on the best and inspirational color scheme which will suit the project. You may choose a color based on the items you already have, or you can buy a color scheme based on the type of patio you choose. It is rewarding to choose your color ahead of time before you make a plan for the patio. If you are not sure what color to pick, you can get your inspiration from items like rugs, patio furniture, planters or ask a friend to help you choose.


Consider flooring

Flooring is also a great way to sprucing up your patio. It helps to keep the floor of your patio clean and neat. It will make a big difference if you choose to add an outdoor rug to give the floor and add texture and color and keep it from being plain. You may opt to use outdoor carpeting on concrete floors to add texture and color to your patio floor.


Adding waterworks and special touches

Adding a simple fountain to the patio may add more beauty to the patio. It makes the environment serene as well as peaceful. It can be so relaxing when listening to the sound of running water. Garden décor, candles, door wreath and throw pillows are great items for decorating the patio.

Add plant life

plantsWhen you are done with seating. Flooring and color scheme start adding natural essentials like plants. Plant life and nature make your patio welcoming and inviting. Use planters to add plants to the patio. You may purchase planters that match the patio’s color scheme if you if already have planter which you can repurpose. Choose plants which can add extraordinary things to the overall appearance of your patio.