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How to Administer CBD to Your Dog

After realizing the immense benefits CBD has on humans, various researchers studied its effect on pets like dogs and cats. They found that the pets could benefit a great deal from the cannabidiol by relieving anxiety, alleviating pain, and promoting healthy skin. The good news is that pet owners can buy the best cbd for dogs from leading stores and even online and give it to them for various benefits. However, there has been a concern about the best way to administer CBD to the man’s best friend.

Here are some of the ways you can use to give CBD to your dog:

Using the Direct Oral Method

giving cbd to your dogYou can choose to apply CBD oil directly to your pet’s mouth or use a dropper to get the CBD into the pet’s mouth. However, it would help if you were more cautious to avoid any attacks by the pet. You need to be gentle with them and not squeeze the animal’s mouth so tightly or gag them. You may also reward your furry friend with a treat after cooperating when taking cannabidiol. If that is repeated, they will associate CBD with a treat, giving you an easy time administering it. The beauty of using a dropper is that it helps measure the dose to give to the dog.

Mixing CBD With Food

add cbd to a treatAnother effective way to give cannabidiol to your furry friend is to mix it with their food. This method works best with wet foods so that it can mix them with it. You can start by adding a little CBD to the food, and as you go on with giving the CBD, you can increase the CBD amount. And as the dog gets used, you can increase the CBD to the optimal level.

Putting CBD on a Treat

You can add CBD to a treat that your dog loves, so they will enjoy taking it. However, the method works best with porous foods to absorb the oil well for the dog to handle it well. If the delicacy is not porous, it will not get absorbed but just slid off and not be of any help to your canine friends. You should apply a little oil to the treat, such as cookies, and allow it some time to soak before giving the dog to eat. But this method works well for small dogs that need small doses.…

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