Best 35mm Film-Cameras

The film camera is one of the most exciting equipments that we can think of and appreciate. It does a very great job of giving us the images that we keep and enjoy viewing. As a result, camera and photography plays a huge role in recording and storing information about people, places and different phenomena. In this article, we shall focus on the best 35mm film cameras.

Canon AE-1

canon camera

The Canon AE- is loved by many users for its ease of use. The camera has a high dependability and reliability score and has been in use for long. The gadget uses SLR mode of focus. The body of the camera weighs around 1.3 lbs. The best thing is that the camera offers an opportunity for interchanging lenses that are FD or FDn. Canon AE-1 has a priority mode shutter and a mode that is manual hence leaving a variety of preference for LISIEWS.

Pent. K1000

The Pent. K1000 entered the market in the 1970s. The camera also uses the SLR focusing mod. It weighs approximately 125 lbs. It has an option to interchange the lenses and has a vintage option. Some parts of the camera are metallic, making it strong and durable. Due to user simplicity, the camera can be used by both starters and experienced hobbyists in photography.

Minolta X-700

One aspect that makes this camera very outstanding is its different modes of auto exposure. Additional unique features are the TTL metering of the flash, and the also has a light body made of plastic. The camera uses SLR focus. It weighs 1.11 lbs. and it is suitable for starters and experts. Apart from this, its lenses are changeable and have a vintage mode. The camera uses an ordinary camera battery that is readily available in the market. It also keeps the charge for a long time.

Olympus 0M-1

olympus camera

The Olympus 0M-1 is a professional class 35mm camera that can also be suitable for any beginners. It is light in weight, compact and has a shutter that does not produce noise when shooting. The body weights 1.12 lbs. It operates under changeable lenses on a vintage mode. The easy design presents a simplistic handling of the camera. All the controls are also easily identifiable making it user-friendly.

Nikon F6

Although there are modern versions of this camera today, it still operates under the old features like the F-series. The strongest point of the Nikon F6 is the high-quality lenses and the professionalism of its output. Just like other 35mm-film cameras, it uses the SLR mode of focus, weighs 2.15 lbs, and it uses different lenses. However, unlike many others, Nikon does not use vintage nut new mode of photos. This camera offers one of the most excellent speeds of the shutter that dances to the tune of 1/8000 in a second.

In conclusion, the above is a list of the best 35mm-film cameras that you can love to use for all kinds of photography. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or an amateur as they cater to you by all means.…

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